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Odessa Maritime Group has been providing crewing and ship management services to some of the leading shipping companies of the world for nearly 9 years. We are among the crewing agencies in the Black Sea region with an immediately accessible talent pool of over 20,000 seafarers capable of manning and operating practically any category of sea-going vessel in the international waters. From large crude carriers and container ships, our crews have earned the admiration, respect and trust of ship-owners in UAE, Indian, Turkish,  for their engineering knowledge, technical skills and teaming ability.

Based in the port city of Odessa, Ukraine, Odessa Maritime Group has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability among its clients by developing long-term professional relations with ship-owners, seafarers, the maritime education institutions and the Maritime Community in general. We have developed close personal relations with thousands of seafarers and their families who depend on us not only for their livelihood but also for support regarding professional and personal issues.

We run a tight ship on shore so that our seafarers can live up to the highest standards of conduct and professional integrity on sea.

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